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Hitchhiking and Self-Guided Fly Fishing Abroad

New Zealand

New Zealand is a country on a lot of fly fisherman's bucket list and rightfully so! With a huge amount of fishable water in a small area, one does not have to travel far to reach the next river or lake. New Zealand's abundant freshwater is famous for its huge brown and rainbow trout, some of which can be caught on small yet beautiful backcountry streams.

Better yet, the North Island of NZ is one of the easiest places to hitchhike in the world. On average you won't have to wait more then 30-45 minutes to get picked up for a ride (unless you are in a remote location). You may even be surprised when a NZ Fish and Game staff member picks you up while you are on your way to a river or lake to fish!

A brown trout caught just after dusk