Rod and Thumb

Hitchhiking and Self-Guided Fly Fishing Abroad


Chile is a great place to fly fish self-guided, for 2 main reasons.

  1. There is a high concentration of fishable water in Chilean Patagonia. You often don't have to travel more than 50 miles to find the next piece of water you can cast your fly into.
  2. You can wild camp on all public land. This is a huge advantage for those who do not have a vehicle.

Chilean Patagonia is a beautiful place, with an abundance of fresh water in the bottom half of the country. Trout fishing can be found within a couple hours of Santiago, the capital city, but the further south that you travel, the better the fly fishing generally is.

Chileans are wonderful people. Be aware, even if you speak Spanish, you may find it difficult to understand them as they speak Spanish faster than people from other South American countries. Hitchhiking is easy in Chile, especially in Patagonia.

Sunrise, El CaƱi